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My Birthday Present from James

July 19, 2011

My birthday was in May, so this is a late post. Well, so was the present.

I started guessing what it was when he told me it’d be late…. So, I began at the beginning: “Is it made of plant material?” “No” “Is it made of plastic?” “No” “Is it made of fabric?” “No” “Is it made of concrete?” “No” “Is it made of glass?” “No” “Is it made of wood?” “No”

You get the idea. And I apparently didn’t guess it, so we didn’t go any farther than that. And he loved that I was guessing, AND not getting it.

It arrived in two BIG boxes. And, the present he got me was very unusual and deserves a post of its own.

So, here it is, my very own garden zombie. (It’s gonna be SO KEWL when the moss starts growing in weird places on it. :D) I named him Christian. (If it’s not obvious why, ask me in an email. 😉 )

Garden Zombie