About Me

Meran ni Cuill is the Nom de Plume/Paintbrush of Candy Thurman.

Having come from a turbulent background, I mostly paint what I wish to see: Peaceful vistas, loving people, or playful animals.

I have always been addicted to art; in the early days, I melted crayons on heating registers and added murals to every wall behind the furniture where the artwork would only be viewed by myself. When I got older, I found a dream job doing engineering drawings, where I found out that, unlike most people, I could just as easily access the left brain as the right, which made me stand out strangely in either world. Now, retired from the engineering world, (except for remodeling my house), I work in leaded glass, fused glass, and 2D paintings in just about any medium.

Lately, little piles of rocks I call “The Guardians” have been appearing in some of my paintings. I doesn’t know where they came from, but they’re visiting for at least a little while, in my Surreal Dreamscapes.

At my first show with NCAG, I won First Place and Best of Group Awards, much to my pleasant surprise. I have won many awards for my fused and stained glass work over the years. My paintings and glass work is in many homes in the United States and Europe.


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