Ahhh, Great Dog Food!

Some time ago, (2 yrs) we had an issue with one of our dogs (story yet to be told, but it’s been written), and we decided to make our own dog food. BTW, it fixed the problem..

Here’s pictures of all the pack, waiting, some not so patiently, for permission to eat.

Here’s the happiest dogs on the planet, eating enough for another day, which is NOT to say ‘their fill’.

To make your own dog food:

Take 1 20-lb turkey, roast it in the oven just like you would for you.

On the stove, have a big cookpot in which you put 2 qts of dry rice with the amount of water necessary to cook that rice, plus another qt of water. Lid it, and cook till done. In the meantime, in a food processor, put lots of carrots till pretty well ground up. You can add apples too; I did. Add to rice when rice is done; keep cooking on low. Add 2 tablespoons of Morton Lite Salt (it’s half sodium and half potassium, a good balance). Add parsley too or rosemary. Lots. Several tablespoons.

When turkey is done, take all the meat off, and I mean ALL. Cut it up. Get all those tiny little pieces, and all the nice fat; I want to see clean bones! Get the kidneys out too… dogs love all that. Oh, and you cooked up the neck and giblets right? They want those too…

Mix it all together in the big pot. If your pot’s not big enough, put half in a big bowl and mix.

Note: Proportions are important! Of 100% of the whole glop, 40% should be meat, 30% starchy complex carbohydrates, 30% veggie ditto. They DO NOT get onions, garlic, grapes… there are many lists on the web. They can have plums, apples, pears, sweet potatoes, squashes, green beans, broccoli.

Dish out thusly: 1/2 cups (for my 8-11 lb Pomeranians) goes into cupcake tins. 1 cup (for my two older Cairns) go in the large muffin tins and bun pans. Freeze overnight. Pop out and put in baggies, which go in the larger gallon baggies, marked properly with Turkey, Rice, Carrots and Apples.

For serving, pull appropriate size portion out, put in dog bowl, microwave till nice and warm, add a little more water, stir. Serve.

Makes 6 happy dogs for about 3 weeks. (38 lgarge, 76 small, portions)



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