ATC Showoff Page

Blogs are nice when they’re all texty and all, but we all like pictures!!! They’re ‘more better’..

These ATCs were done for an online swap on the site. The monthly theme was Art History 102 (last year was 101), with each month a different designated artist. I missed most of them this year. However I still played for this month, since it’s the last one of the year, the ‘Exam’. I picked Van Gogh as my artist.

The first card is Starry Night – Ballance. I did this one in oil pastel colored pencil. I studied the original printout from the web, trying to place everything where he did..

The second card is Starlight Over the Rhone. I did this one in acrylic paint (it takes less time, and I was already running late for the swap). This card is a section of the original painting. (For the record, sometimes I try to duplicate a WHOLE painting, sometimes just a section. After all, ATCs are very small compared to most paintings; trying to scale the original down to fit that space can be daunting.)

My third card is Branches of the Almond Tree. I had never seen this painting before, and I love trees, so thought I’d work on this one, again, in acrylic. I was intrigued by the stark white blossoms against the graded blue background, with just touches of yellow. Again, I wish I had the time to study this one properly.


One Response to “ATC Showoff Page”

  1. Helen Says:

    Like all of them but Branches of the Almond tree the best.

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