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[This is a series of blogposts for my friend Susan. I have left all her misspellings included, since they add to the charm of the travel log. I have removed any writing of a personal nature. These writings were given in email form. I offered to post them for her for all her friends on Facebook and others who may have missed her emails because of overactive spam filters. To comment on her log, please go to her  Facebook page and comment there. Susan doesn’t have access to comments here on my blog. Sorry.]


Installment #1 and #2

The first installment must have gotten lost.  We went from Portland to Spokane and stayed at the elkes.  The second day to Libby to stay with Ron a freind of daves and then two days to see the Jones near Mousula MT.  I will copy and past the longer second installment into this message.


June 12, 2011

It is official.  Dave and I have been married for over 18 years as of yesterday.  I would say it was 18 happy years but I can’t speak to what Dave would say.  Let’s ask him….oh well he is taking a nap so we will have to go with “Happy”. 

Some of you will not know that I have had an ear/dizzy problem since we returned from seeing Bill and Lois Jones who live near Missoula MT.  On the way home from a really fun visit where we finally got to know each other, I got dizzy much dizzier than normal.    My left ear was ringing loudly and I could not hear much out of it as well as I felt like I was on a pitching boat, seasick stomach and all.  We came back from Missoula to Libby MT and stayed for a second two nights because we were hoping I would get better.  That did not happen so we went on to Banff Canada and signed up for 5 nights here. 

The second day at Banff we decided that the dizzy half of our partnership needed to get well and we were not ready to return to the US to do it.  We found a small hospital in Banff and after $900 we were referred to the closest Ear specialist, in Calgary.  He would see us in two hours and the trip would take about that much time so we sped off to Calgary.  The doctor was swift to diagnose a bacterial infection in my middle ear, rather than the normal “dizzy Susan” stuff.  Dr. gave me a prescription for Prednisone in declining doses and sent us on our way. After getting the prescription and lunch we were headed for Banff where the trailer was waiting with comfortable lounge chairs and nap time for Dave.

The next day was slow as the dizzies in my head were not untangled yet.  The doctor said it would take 48-72 hours to see a difference. (I have been dizzy now for almost a week)  We went down town to a cyber net café and looked up our credit cards/bank accounts and e-mail.  Dave was getting hungry by then so I figured I would write this long note off line and send it more quickly since it would be already written.  We shopped at Safeway and returned to the park for rest before dinner.  Dave barbequed a steak and we baked potatoes while we drank tall hot chocolates with Bally’s Irish Cream.  We sat under a tree at the picnic table and whispered sweet (dizzy) words to each other (only in my right ear) about what a great 18 years this has been.

Today the dizzies are better but still present.  We went for a car tour of parts of the park and saw a mother bear and her two cubs about 30 ft from the road.  All the cars were stopped near them so it was a visible announcement that we were missing something, so we stopped.  On our way into Banff the first day we saw mountain sheep/goats, deer, bears, elk and lots of birds of prey.  Two deer seem to taken up housekeeping/browsing in the park camp grounds, they wander back and forth just 10 ft from our trailer.  These parks are kept so nice and clean so it seems the Canadians really love nature and take care of it.  There are passes over the freeways that are for animal crossings.  They have dirt, trees, grass and boulders on the over pass so the animals can think it is a wooded extension of the forest.  Tall fences run the length of most of the freeway so the animals are funneled to the enhanced wooded over pass areas.  This saves on injuries to both man and beast. The over passes are very natural looking with large boulders piled like a avalanche that extend down the sides of the tunnel where the car pass under and on the out sides of the tunnels almost to the forest/fences.


We saw a 1920’s log built lodge on the edge of Lake Peyto.  The lake had patches of ice scattered liker small clouds across the lake while the jagged Rocky Mountains loomed above it with patches of snow and glaciers hanging over the edges of the huge mountain sized jagged rocks.  The pine trees here are medium size and shrink as they creep up the rocky ledges until they can’t find footing on the sheer rocks. The contrast is beautiful.  The clear lakes, sharp continuous mountains, full bluish/grean rivers and marsh lands seem to never stop.  Every bend in the road has another picture postcard view to leave you breathless and grabbing for the camera.  Like Oregon and Alaska this country is so overwhelmingly unbelievably, beautiful and well worth the trip.

Tomorrow we are going to visit a small town called Canmore where they mine a jewel like stone called Ammonite a focalized shell from a Notolas type of sea creator.  The pictures make it look like multicolored opal with an iridescent quality.  Canmore has a mine with tours and the factory store that sells the raw stones and beautifully finished products in gold and silver.  It should be interesting.  I found a rock (in Banff for Merin) that has a quarts stripe in it.  I am sending two postcards, one to Katelyn and one to Mia as soon as I find a post office.  I printed the words so they can practice reading and there are cute critters on the front.

We have not gone fishing yet.  The weather has been cool with a few days of sunshine and a few days of rain. The remaining days are cool and threatening to rain.  Our freezer is working well and there were no questions at the boarder about Meds, meat or fresh vegetables but they did ask about alcohol of which they seemed happy with our answer of 4-5 open bottles brought from home.

Well, you are all probably getting board with this installment so I will say bye for now.  Dave woke from his afternoon nap and I will go back to my knitting. (Christmas socks for my grandchildren and other women I care about who like stylish warm feet)  Love Susan (and sleeping Dave)


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