Susan’s Travelogue Part III

[This is a series of blogposts for my friend Susan. I have left all her misspellings included, since they add to the charm of the travel log. I have removed any writing of a personal nature. These writings were given in email form. I offered to post them for her for all her friends on Facebook and others who may have missed her emails because of overactive spam filters. To comment on her log, please go to her  Facebook page and comment there. Susan doesn’t have access to comments here on my blog. Sorry.]

June 19, 2011 (third installment) (if you missed the frist one or two installments, let me know individually and I will send again)

We arrived in Jasper  June 15th and stayed until the morning of the 17th so we could do our laundry before we were out of clean underwear.  The town had very little to see but the country side was wooded and full of wild critter.  Near camp we saw elk and deer.    The Columbia ground squires gave us a show hoping for a bit of food. It rained part of the time and had some sunshine but the wind in the park made it too cold to stay outside for long.

The Laundromat was a place to meet people and get the job done.   Each load in the washers cost 4 Canadian dollars.  Each 40 min drier load also cost 4 Canadian dollars.  We spent 24 Canadian dollars to do three loads.  We met interesting people at the same time.  A young couple form Holland had rented a RV and were hiking and camping from Banff to Vancover BC.  They spoke English pretty well and we talked while the loads of clothing were going around.  Turns out they were staying in the same campground. (The laundry was in the city where two parallel streets made up 90% of the town) 

The last morning before we hit the road we went to the dump station and there were two young people from Holland, also dumping.  We gave them a business card with e-mail if they had questions or concerns or if they just wanted to let us know how their trip went.

We had a long drive from Jasper to Dawson Prince George where we spent the night and moved on in the morning to Dawson Creek.  Don’t get Dawson Creek confused with Dawson City as we still have a few days to go before we get to the later.  Dawson Creek was just a one night stay, the neighbors were friendly and around our age. They are on a very similar route after Dawson Creek.  We will both left on the morning of the 18th for Fort Nelson.   They asked if we wanted to follow each other the next day but I challenged them to be up early because Dave gets his motor running (in his head) and there is no stopping him when he is ready to leave.  As it was we exchanged phone numbers and each left in our owe time frame.  The other couple sleeps later in the morning. 

When we left Prince George it was foggy. That is particularly anxiety provoking because in the mornings many of the wild animals cross the highway.  We don’t want to hit one of them because it might be the end of the cridder and us /our trip.  On the 6 hour drive we watched the trees and terrain change from moderate height pine tree’s to very short and sparly arranged desiduous trees.  Fort Henry is on a high plague with shorter trees, some trees were that were malformed by the harsh snow/weather.  We watched a large moose cross the road a half a mile ahead and he was limpping his way into the forest.

Picture these, long straight roads that go up hill and downhill with very few cross roads or turns.    There are some curves in the road but they are so infrequent that the builders of the road warn you when there are coming up warn drivers with road signs.   We saw road repair crews on each of the last two legs/trips.  It made for some delays but not too bad given we don’t make reservations to hurry to check in.  We are choosing the places to stay as we go and if somewhere is full, then we might end up in a Fred Meyer or Walmart parking lot for a night. So far with leave early and get in early to the campgrounds and have no trouble getting a spot..

So we arrived on the 18th Fort Nelson and stayed two nights to rest up after two long days of travel.   To marrow we go about 7-8 hours to Watson Lake.  Then the next day we will head for Whitehourse.  After that is till up for grabs, we have to make a choice to go to Dawson City…the famous one or take a better road and travel a longer day before we find a place to park. 

When we arrived here at Fort Nelson, the couple we met, Janet and Ted pulled in 15 minutes after we arrived. They called ahead and set up a spot so we asked the staff and they gave us a spot near them.  Janet and I walked across the highway to the visitor while the guys talked about guns and Vietnam/War details.  They have a  fast ice maker so they made some ice for us to put in our freezer for drinks.  Ted has more stores than anyone we know. He was in the Army and is retired with a VA pension. Janet was in the Navy and also has retired after 20+ years.  They will be heading to Alaska and staying at the Military camp grounds which are very nice and half the price.  They have invited us to camp with them as a guest.  It is yet to see if that is possible.  If the camp grounds are full they surely won’t take a guest, and we don’t know how it would change our trip if we take them up on the offer.

Sickess??? I am still dizzy but using the patch for seasickness helps even if I seem drunk.  I still need to walk carefully and try not to turn my head fast or the wrong way.  I am in the middle of the meds given by the Canadian ear specialisy and hoping that it will be all better in another week of meds.  My hearing on the left is a little bit better.  I E-mailed my Kaiser doctor about the symptoms, meds, progress and what to expect.    She says that I might do well to get a MRI because the infection is just a guess as to what is wrong.  I will wait until we get to Alaska and these meds are gone in hopes that I won’t have to spend any of my “Great Alaska Adventure” in medical care.

Well, bye for now.  Susan and Dave


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