I Read Comics; Don’t You?

I read quite a few a month. (I read a LOT every month; books, and comics, etc. If you think you have an idea of how much I read, multiply that by 10; you may be close. lol)

I rarely read the Super Hero types. Since I just got my comics yesterday  evening… yes, we have a BOX at the local comic store (Excalibur Comics in Portland OR, in the Hawthorne District, we pick up our comics every month).. anyway, since we got them yesterday evening, I’ll be listing what we got and a rating for that issue and/or comic. Maybe I’ll get some of you into comics Today; the surprise first one read is a new one for me (and for many.) The graphic novel just came out on Scarlet, a comic I wasn’t aware of.. put out by Icon Comics (a new company for me, turns out it’s a sub of Marvel), I wouldn’t have picked it up normally, but the owner of Excalibur, Debbie, recommended it to me (she would call her recommending, and does, “make you read this one”)…

I am SO AWESOMELY SURPRISED!! This comic raises the bar.

It takes place in Portland Oregon (LOL – tho the company is in NYC) and is about a cop who kills someone in the street.. someone not even causing any problems. (hm. the person/s who work on this comic must have lived here at some time- it’s a real problem here.) The storyline is about what happens because of that killing.

The comic is written in excellent form.. and in interesting form as well. Art is also excellent, and very intriguing.. makes you want to look more!

From an interview, seen on http://www.comicbookresources.com/?p…icle&id=25754: “in a world where people are divided by partisan bickering and huge companies spend millions of dollars to buy politicians, it can be hard to believe that a single person can still make a difference and change society in any real, positive way. And if a lone individual could accomplish such a feat, what type of person would they have to be and how far would they have to go? In July, writer Brian Michael Bendis and artist Alex Maleev examine those questions and more when “Scarlet,” their new ongoing, bi-monthly creator owned series from Marvel Comics’ Icon imprint, begins.”

There’s more there, if you’re interested. I give it a 10. I LOVE this one. But the graphic novel number 1 just came out.. which means I have to wait another 6 months (or so) for the #2 or start buying them individually each month. (For this one, I just may!)

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