New Issue of ArtTraderMag now up!

One of the things I like to do is edit. Yup, boring stuff for most of you; hated it in high school, I bet! I always loved this kind of thing.

Several years ago, I was invited to help edit a new online e-zine to be called ArtTraderMag. This zine is for those who love Mailart and the trading and the visiting-by-proxy of many countries and cities across our large nation.

Through Mailart, I’ve met many people, hundreds if not thousands, all artists of some kind and of every level of skill imaginable. Through this trading, I’ve grown my own skills greatly.

When I started, I was so filled with trepidation. (Still am, but I find that’s a common thread among us artists.) Would the person like my card? Would they just SAY so and burn it, throw it away, or trade it second hand? (I’m pretty sure one of mine, a favorite, was tossed out.)

Anyway, here’s our latest issue. None of my art is in it (I haven’t been producing much lately); but I do have a by-line AND an ad in there. Go. Download the free issue, and all the other back issues, learn something new, join the websites dedicated to Mailart that are mentioned in the zine, and come back and tell me about your experience!

The issue can be found at:


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