A Very Scary Frakkin’ 4th Of July

Two of my remaining 3 dogs are terrified of loud noises.. to the extent of scratching their way up my body to my face, ultimately down my throat I think. Two days ago, Fizz came running for me, and knocked over my tall glass of Raspberry Crystal Light. My carpet will never lose the red dye and four of my books were saturated. I haven’t even read 3 of them. And they certainly won’t ever be sellable after that…

And this year we have FOUR days of it. Not counting the preamble. We were able to stop the SHOT GUN blasts from our drunk neighbor but not the firecrackers. And yes, it doesn’t have to be dark for him to set them off.

So, my dogs are crated, in the deepest darkest room of our house, with an afghan over them and the radio blasting, where they can ‘rest’.. for the next 4 hrs.

Tomorrow will be worse.

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