Just Finished -New Painting

I’ve been frustrated this week- I feel underappreciated, unknown, uncared about, discarded, you name it..

It doesn’t help that the weather is changeable, and therefore my FMS pain level is fluctuating wildly… ever try to walk across a room with spikes of pain going through both hips? Then try stairs. Though, without stairs, I’d get even less exercise… I feel 85, at 56… what’s that say for when I’m 85???

So, when in doubt, or pain, :), paint… So I did.

This is for a gift. I have great hopes for HER appreciation.

It’s called, “Waiting”, and is of a Magnolia Warbler. I apologize for the scanner details (there are NO purple stripes showing, I promise). I’m still trying to figure out how to incorporate brush strokes, for realism, and to NOT incorporate brush strokes for color clarity and true representation.

4 Responses to “Just Finished -New Painting”

  1. Cynthia Says:

    Meran, what a lovely piece! I am sure the recipient will be highly appreciative.

  2. Sandra Says:

    I don’t see any purple stripes on my PC, but I wouldn’t have minded if I did. Your bird is beautfiul! I think you’ve got the brush strokes down nicely to do what you want them to do.

    This weather is awful. It’s like dusk all the time. Add in the switch from daylight savings time, and I think everyone is feeling discombobulated. For people with SAD or FMS it’s insult to injury. I hope you start feeling better soon though.

  3. Antonia Lindsey Says:

    This is gorgeous, Meran. If it weren’t already dedicated, I’d buy it for my friend Megan!! She’s a bird lover and wait till she sees yours!! I’m putting a link to your site on mine…so the lovers of birds can follow the birdseed! Your work inspires! Beautiful attitude in this one! so lovely! Isn’t art the best thing in the face of suffering?

    Your fan,
    Antonia at Artimentary

  4. Flashviv Says:

    Love this Meran, I would certainly appreciate it because birdy paintings are my favourite.

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