New Artwork Project – Pendants (on Glass!) for an online Swap

Over on, where I hang out most days, there are a lot of swaps. Swaps, for those of you who have no idea, are where someone sets up a thread, inviting other artists on the site to play the game. In this case, to make a pendant (or three); the artist then sends them in, the ‘host’ trades them out, then sends them back. End result: each artist gets one pendant back for each pendant entered, each of those from a different artist! And all for ‘free’… after all, we did pay for our mailing costs and art supplies!

Well, I’ve done glass a lot longer than I’ve painted (glass equals 30 yrs next September, and painting equals 3 yrs next March), so I announced (Hah!) that I’d be painting on stained glass scraps.

There was a lot of interest. (Some have already picked theirs out in advance, something not normally done.) Oh yeah, and I went overboard. I made 26. Now, I don’t need 26 pendants back, of course not! And there aren’t 26 artists playing either. Which ones I send it has not been determined yet, and doesn’t have to be until about Christmas-time.

Here they all are: there will be bails attached before mailing out, and in the case of the clear ones, holes drilled.


One Response to “New Artwork Project – Pendants (on Glass!) for an online Swap”

  1. Sandra Says:

    Lucky swappees at iATC!

    And these pendants truly are gorgeous! They make me think of insects and plants caught in Amber, but in a more colorful medium.

    26! I wish I could get more ambitious. Like you, the changeable, but always gray weather gets to me. But all I want to do is sleep.

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