Sweet Read

New authors are published every day, I’m sure.

However, I’m fairly picky in my reading requirements. I won’t read a lot of the newly published works. (Yes, I know I don’t have that much time in my day.. )

The new authors may be writing about subjects that just don’t interest me. For example, if you’ve read one spy novel, you’ve read them all. Ditto the Bloody Bodice Ripper. (Or the non-bloody bodice ripper.)

Sometimes the works are so derivative, or repetitive within their own pages, that this reader will fall asleep from pure boredom. (Though I HAVE been known to track down the repeated pages.. and yes, I’ve found some.) The “Wheel of Time” series, for me, was very much like this. To this date, though I was gifted with three of the books in the series, I just could NOT finish any of it…

Then comes Catherynne M. Valente.

Until now, the only author I’ve read with the skill to bring alive every sight and sound of a World in full descriptive color has been Mervyn Peake. (For those of you who hated his work, Cat’s work is NOT similar in any way except for the descriptive value.) I find I love to read Cat’s works SLOWLY, instead of at my usual clip. I want to savor every scene she sets for me, the Reader.

Cat’s Fairyland story (official title: The Girl Who Circumnavigated Fairyland in a Ship of Her Own Making) also did that for me. I saw every bright scene, tasted every hue, felt every texture she set before me. The banquet tables were full of Brain Meat: New Beings, Plot Twists, and Wardrobe Changes.

Her main character, September, is a young girl who travels to Fairyland, where she meets up with tortured beings, a Wyverary (a cross between a Wyvern and a Library), and a Marid (a boy who is Blue). There is also a Key, a Spoon, and a Coat; a Bath Mistress and a Queen; and lots of Clocks and Adventures.

September’s visit to Fairyland starts out as all visits to Fairyland begin: With Innocence. She is set a task, however, and even with only one shoe, she begins her real adventure.

This story could easily be read as a Child’s Book. I would warn about the imagery though. It’s not your usual Fairy Tale. Well, modern fairy tale. There are consequences within the tale, and sadness.

Cat has put the whole book online. I’m not sure if the length qualifies as a Novel- I am not knowledgeable about word counts and what they equal. It’s presented one chapter at a time at http://www.catherynnemvalente.com/fairyland.

She has accepted a publishing deal for this little piece of candy (I think of it like a fine chocolate bar that has nuts and raisins in it – um!), so it’ll soon be in hardcover for those who like such things (me! me! I want one!) with a sequel promised.

Good for you, Cat! Publishing deals for already published-online-works is not a common thing, I hear….

And good for me too… an author I can enjoy the works of for many years to come, one who tickles my brains, and who excites my Artistic Neurons, making them dance the Light Fantastic!




One Response to “Sweet Read”

  1. Sandra Says:

    I’ll have to give Valente a try, once my visiting relatives go away. You make her sound very interesting.

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