Audubon Art Show Time Again!

Nutty Boy -Nuthatch

"Nutty Boy"

Well folks, it’s that time again!
Every year, the Audubon Society of Portland (Oregon) holds a Wildlife Festival. Among other things at this festival, is a special section where a discriminating buyer can purchase small 6″x6″ canvases donated by local artists (me!) for $40. The money goes to “funding wildlife protection and conservation education in the Portland metropolitan region as well as the Pacific Northwest.”

This show is being held at Montgomery Park, 2701 NW Vaughn, in northwest Portland, November 21-22, from 10am Saturday to close of doors on Sunday. For more information and a map, goto:

Above is my 2009 contribution. It’s acrylic paint on canvas. I like it, I must admit. (I don’t like everything I produce.)

My 2008 contribution sold out within 3 minutes, I was told. So, my work is worth something… I always wonder if it’ll be the last painting standing! And if you’re local, and want to buy this painting, show up on Saturday! Unfortunately, I won’t be there early on Saturday, though I may show up before they close the doors that day. I have another, more pressing engagement; the local Gluten Intolerance Group has their annual Thanksgiving Day dinner in McMinnville that same day, and of course in Portland style, the same time. (It seems as if everything I’m interested in doing, socially, is always held at the same time. More on this I’m sure as time passes.)

Well, thanks for reading my very first blogpost!

3 Responses to “Audubon Art Show Time Again!”

  1. Antonia Lindsey Says:

    I want this bird! may have to go bid!!! nice to see your blog and will be great to see you in person soon. I can never get a contact person to put me on the list so that I can get invited to show at Wild Arts Festival for Audubon even though I’ve donated work to them the past 2 years! Dang, what DOES it take?? You favored! Seriously, this bird is GORGEOUS. I figure the endless rejection factor we deal with in the arts is just the general callousing of the public from too many years of indundation with posters ad nauseam. They don’t get what MAKING takes since imagery just bombards them like so much spam. Our markets will find us eventually. THIS BIRD IS LOVELY. filled with wanting!

    Happy to read your blog,

    Antonia at Artimentary
    wanna link?

  2. Helen Says:

    Nutty Boy is spectacular! I would certainly like to own it! Good luck and just know everyone who sees it will admire your talent! And like your blog! Helen

  3. Mellanie Says:

    Lovely painting Meran. I love the detail you’ve achieved, especially around the eyes.

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